Weather Emergencies: Extreme Weather and Flooding

Thinking about emergencies can be stressful, so try to familiarize yourself with this information ahead of time to know what to do before, during, or after extreme weather. Always follow health and safety alerts from government organizations and other experts during an emergency.

Before: Plan Ahead

During: Safety First

After: Clean up & Restock

  • Take precautions before re-entering your home.
  • If you see or smell fuel oil in your home, immediately call (800) 457-7362.
  • Remove standing water, moisture and wet materials to prevent mold. It is important to dry out your home quickly to avoid mold and bacteria.
  • Restock emergency supplies a little at a time.
  • Never mix household cleaners.
  • Keep trash covered and away from your home. It is important to consider how extreme weather events can affect your trash disposal and septic systems.

Food & Water: Before, During, & After

Food Safety

Drinking Water Safety